Meeting Rooms

At the AHANSA Business Center, we host meeting rooms that are either used by independent operators, who are not members of the Center and also by the members themselves. Inclusive meeting room packages can be availed. They are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. We offer projection of presentations through a 45’ TV screen as well as a Projector. The main meeting room can comfortably accommodate 12 pax or can be set-up in a school-type set-up without the boardroom tables. During the pandemic time-frame, we are discouraging catering. However, at the request of the Client or member, we are able to arrange catering.

Location Pass Network

Its so new that we haven’t even really got a name for it! However, we have recognized that flexibility of location is so important for our Clients. While the AHANSA Business Center offers its physical services through its location in Westlands, we are teaming up with other flexible workplace operators in some key locations across the City and eventually in other continents to offer the use of these Centers as you wish and with a cost-effective budget in mind. More information will be availed as this benefit program will be launched in the very near future.  We are positive that the service will be well received.


Our plug-n-play workstations throughout our Center offer the ease and flexibility of just really opening up your laptop and working away. The workstations can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly and even on an annual plan. Each of the rates includes wi-fi internet. An annual plan would offer the most value, and can be paired with meeting room packages and auxillary services such as a locker for your personal items, wi-fi, print management services and meeting room packages.


Virtual Office Solutions

Our Virtual Office Solutions offer a range of services from the basic offering of the use of our physical or postal box address, the redirection of mail, offering you IVR or picking up your phone lines to running errands such as depositing of your cheques, and offering you zoom meetings where we would host your Clients and take minutes if you wish. That way, you don’t have to physically available in the office or the City. Rates available under ‘Pricing’.

Private Offices

Private Offices has been our most popular service. We take pride in providing both our established businesses together with our start-ups building blocks to start small and expand to bigger spaces, in time. Not only do we have a network with many commercial spaces across the City but we are also the proud owner and operators of the space in which the Center is currently in. We are so glad to see the growth of businesses over time some of which have been with us for our 5-years of operation. Our private offices vary from 1 pax up to 6 pax. During this pandemic time-frame, we discourage having to many individuals together in one enclosed space however, we have now worked towards COVID-19 ready offices where we have built-in dividers on our furniture.